Retired Pro Cyclist Loses Arm Colliding with Truck Above Boulder

Anyone who’s spent any time driving around Boulder and the surrounding area knows the roads in the foothills can be treacherous, especially when you have to navigate around a swarm of recreational and professional bicyclists. Even Lance Armstrong is known to have trained in the area prior to some of his seven Tour de France [...]

Top 7 States Where Most Fatal Bicycle Accidents Occur

While riding a bicycle is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and get some exercise, it’s also becoming the preferred mode of travel for some, particularly those who may be more environmentally conscious. Although there are various benefits to riding bikes, however, there are also some risks – and those risks increase: When riders [...]

Bicycle Safety Tips for Riders, Drivers

In light of our recent blog on the NHTSA’s Safer People, Safer Streets Initiative, we thought it would be a good time to present some bicycle safety tips for cyclists and motorists. These tips, which have been adapted from DOT safety tips, can help everyone do their part to: Reduce the risk of injury to [...]

Reducing Bicycle Accidents with Bike Lanes: A Look at the Facts (Pt. 1)

Bicycle accidents – particularly when they involve motor vehicles hitting riders – can have catastrophic if not deadly consequences. While factors like driver (or possibly even other riders’) negligence may be to blame for many bicycle accidents, some recent studies have found that having bike lanes on particularly busy roads may be the key to: [...]