Retired Pro Cyclist Loses Arm Colliding with Truck Above Boulder

Anyone who’s spent any time driving around Boulder and the surrounding area knows the roads in the foothills can be treacherous, especially when you have to navigate around a swarm of recreational and professional bicyclists. Even Lance Armstrong is known to have trained in the area prior to some of his seven Tour de France [...]

Will New On-Ramp Metering Fix Colorado’s Traffic Problems?

Nearly all modern metropolitan areas are awash in traffic congestion and concerns about safety. Well, it seems the one tool that state roadway planners and legislators have turned to for an effective and financially viable tool to address these concerns is ramp metering. Denver is actually taking the first step with a newer “on-ramp system” [...]

Fatal ATV Accidents: Too Common & Often Preventable [Infographic]

Riding ATVs can be an exciting, adventurous hobby, as well as fun way to explore and enjoy the outdoors. It can also be dangerous, harmful and possibly deadly if an accident happens. In fact, although fatal ATV accidents have been declining in recent years, these deadly wrecks still occur far too often. And, in many [...]

July 4th Is the Deadliest Day to Be on the Roads [Infographic]

July 4th is known for fun, fireworks and barbeques. It’s also the single day of the year when the most deadly traffic accidents occur. The following infographics reveals why July 4th is known as the deadliest day for drivers to be on the roads. July 4th Is the Deadliest Day to Be on the [...]

May Is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month [Infographic]

The month of May has been dedicated by transportation safety officials to promoting motorcycle safety to prevent crashes, injuries and deaths. As the weather warms up for spring and more riders hit the roads, taking the time to review motorcycle safety – and to check out the facts about the causes, prevalence and impacts of [...]

Fighting the War against Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs)

Ongoing research focuses on combating TBIs & improving prognoses The University of Michigan has teamed up with the U.S. Department of Defense for The Massey Foundation Traumatic Brain Injury Grand Challenge that will identify and award $15 million in contracts to companies that carry out ongoing research to combat traumatic brain injury (TBI). [...]

Why are Train Wrecks on the Rise?

Recent data shows that car-train collisions are expected to rise. Historically, car-train collisions have been on the decline, but recent statistics from the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) show an increase nationally in these numbers. In fact, recent FRA data indicates that someone in the U.S. is hurt in a train accident every three [...]

How Risky Are Elderly Drivers on the Roads?

How Risky Are Elderly Drivers on the Roads? Sometimes perceived as perpetual Sunday or slow drivers, older drivers have been shown by some studies to have a higher risk of being in car accidents. Surprisingly, one of the factors associated with this elevated risk may be positive: Older drivers tend to be overly [...]