Will New On-Ramp Metering Fix Colorado’s Traffic Problems?

Nearly all modern metropolitan areas are awash in traffic congestion and concerns about safety. Well, it seems the one tool that state roadway planners and legislators have turned to for an effective and financially viable tool to address these concerns is ramp metering. Denver is actually taking the first step with a newer “on-ramp system” [...]

Prototype of Self-Driving Car Debuted by Google

Earlier this month, Google showcased the prototype for its self-driving car for the first time, generating a lot of buzz about when we’ll start seeing more of these vehicles on the road – and how safe these vehicles will actually be. In a blog debuting the prototype of its self-driving car, Google stated that it [...]

IIHS Rates Crash Avoidance Systems

The continual advance of technology has generated various types of systems and features that claim to improve the safety of motor vehicles by attempting to reduce the incidence of car accidents. Known as crash avoidance systems, these features can do anything from slow down or automatically stop cars to actually turning or guiding vehicles without [...]