Defective Airbags Made by Takata Trigger Urgent, Massive Recall

More than 5.83 million vehicles in the U.S. are being recalled due to the defective airbags they contain, officials at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) announced yesterday. According to this recall announcement, the owners of the vehicles impacted by this recall are urged to “act immediately” to avoid being harmed by these defective [...]

Defective Vehicle Equipment Leads to GM Recalls of 13.8M Vehicles

While auto maker GM has been trying to turn its image and profits around since filing for bankruptcy in 2009, this company is facing increasing scrutiny and problems, as compounding reports of various vehicle equipment defects have led to GM recalls of more than 13.8 million vehicles in the U.S. To put this into perspective, [...]

Vehicle Recall Notices Must Have New Label, According to NHTSA Mandate

Auto makers who mail consumers notices regarding recalls on vehicle equipment are now required to include specific warning labels on these mailings, according to a recent mandate issued by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Auto makers are now required to include specific labels on mailed vehicle recall notices, according to a recent [...]

GM Faces Serious Questions About Ignition Switch Defect

Auto maker General Motors (GM) has recently admitted that it knew about a potentially deadly ignition switch defect in some of its cars as early as 2001 – three years earlier than the car manufacturer had previously stated that it had been aware of this problem. Because GM has only recently taken action to recall [...]

GM Recall of 2014 Trucks Issued Due to Fire Risks

GM has announced that it has recalled about 370,000 of its 2014 trucks due to risks of overheating and, in turn, causing fires. Two weeks ago, GM announced that it would be recalling approximately 370,000 of its 2014 trucks due to the fact that they carry a significant risk of overheating and, in [...]

Fears of Tread Separation Triggers Major Michelin Tire Recall

A recently announced Michelin tire recall warns drivers that the LTX M/S tires are susceptible to tread separation. Last week, Michelin started contacting motorists throughout the U.S. to inform them of the major tire recall that the manufacturer has issued due to worries that its LTX M/S tires were at risk of experiencing [...]