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Dog Bit Attorney Cederberg LawBiting is not the only way that unruly dogs can inflict injury.  Unsupervised dogs can caused people to trip.  This can be especially true if someone is carrying groceries.  Rambunctious dogs that are not restrained can knock people over.  Loose dogs can chase bicycles and cause wrecks.  Dogs in cars can distract drivers and cause collisions or pedestrian accidents.

Generally speaking, dog owners have a responsibility to keep the animal from running loose and to keep it restrained on a leash, except at home or in designated public areas.  Under all circumstances, pet owners have a responsibility to use reasonable care to prevent injuries to others.

Even if a dog is restrained, the method of restraint can itself create a hazard.  For example, leaving a dog tethered in a crowded outdoor eating area creates a tripping danger to other patrons.

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