Boulder Trip and Fall Injury Lawyer

Boulder Trip and Fall Injury Lawyers at Cederberg LawTrip and fall injuries can occur when a floor or exterior surface is poorly maintained when objects are left in places where people walk, and where holes and even excavations are not properly barricaded or promptly filled.

Relatively common hazards in walking surfaces include loose tiles or planks, floor mats, area rugs, and areas under repair or construction.  Exterior surface hazards include cracked, heaved or broken sidewalks or curbs, and parking lot potholes.  Other tripping hazards include stubs of removed sign posts.

Construction or maintenance projects at multifamily housing complexes or commercial buildings can also pose tripping hazards.  Maintenance or installation of sprinkler systems, electrical conduit, and water pipes all require digging trenches that, if unprotected, can cause persons to trip and fall.

In stores, merchandise that has fallen or been removed from shelves presents a hazard.  In today’s world of grocery and convenience stores that are open 24/7, stocking of merchandise must be done when customers are present. It seems like stocking activities extend earlier into the evening hours than in the past.  This practice makes it treacherous for shoppers.

In hardware and department stores and garden centers, placement of large merchandise items by cashiers in congested check out areas can trip unsuspecting buyers who, concentrating on their own purchase, have no idea that an obstacle has just materialized behind them.

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Common injuries from trips and falls include, of course, wrist fractures as people instinctively extend their wrists to break their fall.  Facial and dental injuries also accompany falls.  Surprisingly, shoulder injuries are common in trip and fall incidents, especially in women, and include upper arm and shoulder fractures and rotator cuff injuries. Back, neck and head injuries can easily occur in backward falls.  The back of the head is particularly vulnerable to serious concussions.